Last Saturday was “Small Business Saturday.”  It’s a celebration of small business that was launched in 2010 by American Express and over the years it has caught on in neighborhoods and business districts around the country. This year the results were encouraging. News outlets reported that spending reached 16.3 billion which is a 14% increase from 2014.  To read news about the day just follow this link.

Small Business Saturday results

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. You simply can’t get away from the promotions this time of year.  While there is lots of hype leading up to these promotions you have to wonder if there are real results. I was most interested in Small Business Saturday which got unbelievable coverage in the media and lots of paid advertising.

Brad Smith, Executive VP, Customer Experience, Sage North America

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably seen that big box retailers are already slashing their prices in anticipation for Black Friday, and with good reason: shaky consumer confidence has many people on edge heading into this holiday season – businesses big and small alike. 


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