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Kris Reid, Founder & CEO, Ardor Media Factory

In the digital age, word of mouth is translated through the buzz created by your blog readers and social media followers when they view content that is worth sharing. Not just any kind; it requires authority – that is, your recognized expertise, positive reputation, and credibility in your field – to create long lasting, impactful effect that will help you stay relevant amidst all the developing technology, the increasing pace of your consumers’ lifestyles, and the changing content marketing trends and Google algorithms.

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Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer, BluePay

Content is king in the new world of marketing — and an actively managed business blog is one way to ensure your company establishes a voice that reaches the online customers who are critical to your success. Here are a few ways to use a blog to build business:

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Last year I went down to Miami to an annual summit of global chief marketing officers. Working with these CMOs and aspiring CMOs, I was impressed. They all believed in the value of social media long-term, engaged relationships with customers to produce a rich value chain: real-time marketing and insight, higher-quality, yet lower-cost customer service and support, and long-term revenue growth. Ten, even five years ago, such a group of CMOs would not have looked at the world this way – despite the fact that social media marketing has been a tool for commerce since the days of the medieval marketplace.



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