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Saurabh Saxena, CEO & Founder,

Being an entrepreneur is a continuous learning process. Every day, I feel more enlightened than before. Startup life not only grooms you into being a seasoned businessperson, it also tests and hones your people-management skills which help in personal life too.   

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Pierre-Jean Cobut, Co-founder, Echo Labs

As a foreign-born entrepreneur who set up his company in the US, the one thing I know for sure is that there is no easy way to setup a company for a foreign founder, although having one or more American co-founders can ease the process. The US currently does not have a dedicated or specific immigration solution for entrepreneurs, such as Canada does with the startup visa.

There are four types of visas that can technically work for foreign entrepreneurs: H-1B, O-1, EB-2 and E-2.

the ceo magazine, entrepreneurship
W. Gary Sitton, Author, Fire Up Your Startup and Keep it Up

In 2004, I taught a graduate class in the School of Engineering titled “Technical Startups”. There were 17 enrolled students, six of whom were international students. In 2014, I taught the same class with 25 students, twelve of whom were international. Currently in my spring 2015 class, eight out of the nine enrolled students are East Indian. Nearly all of the students in these three classes are graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.



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