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Often by mid-year New Year’s resolution and strategic targets have long been abandoned. To prevent this, adjustments to the strategy should happen continually and consistently, but there’s no better time to check your course than now. To determine if your well-laid plans have gone asunder, ask yourself these essential questions:

I recently gave a talk on the chemistry of strategy to the CEO Club of Boston. The talk was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and to finish no later than 11 a.m. I’ve devoted the last forty years to this topic, so I could have talked for hours. But I didn’t. Why? Because I knew the people in the audience had planned their day around the meeting finishing on time. Many attendees had made commitments for later in the day -- follow-up telephone calls, other meetings, and delivery of projects they had committed to finish that day.

the ceo magazine, strategy
Fred J. Conforti, Author, Beyond Goals…Beyond LEAN

In the previous article we talked about needing a vision for the future. We also outlined the typical shortcomings keeping any company from being the best it can be.



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