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Genella Macintyre, President of Partners, Discovery Ltd.

As a leader, you set the tone for the team, department and organization. Under stress you may appear and act differently than you intend. This impacts you and your team significantly. The “5 Steps to Reducing Stress” can help.

I received a call from a very stressed-out young lady. She had just started a new job and was feeling more than a little overwhelmed. She asked me if I would help. She was a new supervisor, eager to succeed, and she knew that as a new leader, she might fall victim to the common mistakes new leaders make. She did not. What she did face, however, was stress – stress in the staff, stress in her own supervisor and of course, stress in herself.

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Shelley Row

“I’ll be thinking about things over and over and over again and it’s swirling around.” - Director, Engineering Consulting Firm

We all do it. Churn and agitate.  Analyze and rationalize.  Over-thinking wastes time and reduces productivity.  How do you stop over-thinking while not short-changing evaluation of relevant information? As an accomplished over-thinker, I have considerable experience with analysis paralysis. Today, I’m a recovering over-thinker largely due to brain science.  Neuroscience illuminates the dynamic inside the brain and provides a surprising solution. 

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Anthony Zolezzi, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovation & Profitability CEO Advisor and Author

Most Fortune 500 businesses and CEOs that I consult for today have great brands and services. These brands, services and assets were, at one time, state of the art and best in class. However, these brands and services are now being challenged by an incredibly fast moving digital environment that is creating new competitors, new landscapes, and new, hot products faster than anyone could have ever imagined when their organizations were launched.



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