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Lisa Arie, CEO, Vista Caballo

Recent studies show the physical connections between the heart and the brain profoundly influence the decisions humans make.

This is automatic. It is also undeniable. The more effective your heart systems are, the better the higher functions of the brain will operate. The result: more intelligent decisions and a more harmonious life.

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Dr. Patricia Thompson, Author, “The Consummate Leader

When the buck stops with you, it can be difficult to separate yourself from work.  Being on the receiving end of pressure from shareholders, the sense of responsibility to do right by those who report to you, and the ultimate accountability that comes with being at the helm of an organization, can sometimes feel like a burden.  Add to that the ubiquitous smart phone making one accessible around the clock, and one can understand how difficult it can be for CEOs to “unplug” and take full advantage of down-time.

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Shari Sandifer, CEO, Avant

Work is stressful. Between deadlines, budgets, meetings and managing different opinions and personalities, it’s easy to get buried under the day’s demands. And for individuals trying to balance their work lives with families and other responsibilities, it becomes all-to-easy to neglect one’s own mental, physical and spiritual well-being. While the expectation in most workplaces is that employees need to push through their workdays regardless of how they feel or what’s going on in their personal lives, research is increasingly showing that this might not be the best approach. 



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