the ceo magazine, succession planning,
J. Benjamin English, Partner, Hirschler Fleischer

Regardless of their industry, chief executive officers inevitably confront the need to transition ownership and management of their business to others. Whatever form this transition takes — to the next generation in a family business, to a management team buying out the owner or to a third-party buyer — it involves a new set of risks and opportunities that differ from those encountered in normal operations. A CEO must be prepared to meet these challenges through a process of succession planning.

the ceo magazine, succession planning,
Michael Timms, Founder & Principal, Avail Leadership

When it comes to finding talented managers and executives, there really are only two options: recruit them or develop them from within.  Common thinking is that although it may be a little more expensive to recruit them, it’s worth it because it’s quicker and easier.  But that assumption is dead wrong.

the ceo magazine, succession planning,
Jon Mertz, Author, Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

Millennials have been raked over with many inaccurate stories and headlines. There is no reason to rehash old stories. Anyone can “Google” and see the past. The good news is we seem to be over the negative hype, and we have settled into other news. One of the big lessons learned from negative Millennial article boom and bust is that it is the CEO’s duty to prepare and care for the next generation.



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