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Jon Mertz, Author, Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

Millennials have been raked over with many inaccurate stories and headlines. There is no reason to rehash old stories. Anyone can “Google” and see the past. The good news is we seem to be over the negative hype, and we have settled into other news. One of the big lessons learned from negative Millennial article boom and bust is that it is the CEO’s duty to prepare and care for the next generation.

the ceo magazine, succession planning,
Louise Kelly, CEO & Founding Executive, EnerBank

In less than a month, I will be retiring as CEO of EnerBank USA. This decision didn’t come lightly. I’ve spent most of my life in banking: much of it in the mid-Atlantic region and, for the last 13 years in Salt Lake City, as the founding executive and leader of EnerBank USA, specializing in consumer home-improvement lending. I know it’s the right time to step down. And I have every confidence in the successor chosen by the bank’s board of directors (on which I serve) and in the management team we have built over the years.

the ceo magazine, succession planning,
Chengwei Liu & Dawn Eubanks, Associate Professors, Warwick Business School

Nepotism is detrimental to family businesses - more than 70 per cent of them fail after the first generation primarily due to poor succession decisions. Despite this well-known statistic nepotism persists, why?

One possible reason is that the family business founder may wrongly believe that their offspring, typically their son, is the most skilled candidate for the job. Consider the example of Jack, a family business owner, who is considering two candidates to succeed his position, his nephew Tom, and another non-related candidate Sam.



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