By Craig W. Ross 

Leaders often find themselves in a "war for talent." They are tasked with acquiring talent, developing their staff and retaining the talent they already have. But, when it comes to retaining and developing talent, perhaps it is important to assess where you have been spending most of your time. Take the following hypothetical situation, which may sound all too familiar:

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Don Maruska and Jay Perry

Did you know that 30 to 40 percent of talent lies untapped in even high performing organizations? Imagine the profitable results you would enjoy if your business could access that talent without spending a lot of money to do it.  

You can tap this wellspring of riches once you pursue talent development not as a mechanistic process from the top down, but rather as a sunburst radiating from the individual out. 

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Samantha Howland, Senior Managing Partner, Decision Strategies International 

Many organizations face a critical talent transition over the next decade. As experienced, senior leaders reach retirement age, trustees and senior executives cite succession planning as a crucial challenge considering the risks and requirements for smooth leadership transitions.


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