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Mostafa Sayyadi, Author, Leading Between the Lines

Effective talent management is needed to achieve a high degree of sustainable competitive performance. Executives can improve performance by taking a more strategic approach---suggesting that organization’s collective-interests are strategic tools that need to be managed to create competitiveness. Executives can therefore contribute to organizational performance through developing relationships with subordinates that link talents’ individual interests to the organization’s collective-interests.

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Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder, Talentsoft

Some of the biggest hiring mistakes are hiding in plain sight. Odds are they’re happening in your company right now. Not because your team is careless or neglecting their responsibilities. These mistakes are happening because talent management has changed drastically and few companies have kept pace.

Most companies are operating as they have for years. When positions need to be filled, they rely on HR to post job descriptions or recruiters to produce potential candidates. Invitations for existing employees to apply may be sent via email or another internal communication channel.

the ceo magazine, talent management,
Dr. Stacy Feiner, Executive Coach & Author, Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength

Many middle market CEOs are stuck in an exhausting reality of wanting a strong bench of talent but not being able to build one. Leaders exert a tremendous amount of thought and energy trying to build a workforce of productive employees with a “can-do” attitude. But despite their best efforts, such a workforce seems to be an elusive dream. The bad news is that many CEOs are burdened by a constant onslaught of people problems that seem unresponsive to normal fixes. The good news is that this painful cycle can be turned around by challenging old assumptions to clear the way for new thinking.



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