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Kim Janson, Author, Demystifying Talent Management

As we well know, there are a number of challenges to face to be successful in business today. Senior executives and entrepreneurs are faced with a marketplace that constantly changes, pressure from investors or stockholders, regulatory issues and many other challenges. These challenges need to be addressed with limited resources and extreme speed. To fulfill commitments and drive success in the near term and long term, it is essential that all resources are clear on their purpose, aligned and executing to their fullest potential.

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Chip R. Bell

James Cameron is a “mad scientist”—and the director of the two highest grossing non-franchise movies ever made—Titanic and Avatar.  Apple Computer founder and CEO Steve Jobs was a “mad scientist.”  So were Ludwig Beethoven, Booker T. Washington, Henry Ford and Amelia Earhart.  Yet, who could deny their gigantic contributions or their incredible gifts?

In the next week or so, I wanted to write about the need for CEO Coaching. I will identify seven concrete reasons why CEO’s need a coach. I begin with reason #1 below, “It’s Lonely at the Top”. But, first: An interesting study was just released by Stanford University/Miles Group that identifies the massive gap between CEO’s being receptive to coaching (i.e., 95%) and the percentage who actually receive coaching (i.e. less than 33%). 



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