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Today leaders are largely defined by two characteristics: an aptitude for making hard decisions; for reading situations and demonstrating credible judgment whilst amplifying certainty, and secondly, an ability to influence others; to persuade, to inspire and to shift hearts and minds.

Both of these characteristics are informed by a leader’s capacity for insight, their understanding of what drives human behavior.

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Susan Ershler, Author, Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales: From Everest to Every Business

In 2002, while relaxing at Everest Base Camp, I fell into conversation with Dan, a fellow climber about to make his fifth attempt to reach the summit alone. Dan was determined to be completely self-sufficient, carrying all of his own gear and climbing without a guide. I wondered why anyone would take on such a huge challenge without accepting even a modicum of help. But I wished him luck and rejoined my team to prepare for our climb of the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall, the first major obstacle on our route to the summit.

the ceo magazine, leadership
Gershon Mader, President of Quantum Performance Inc.

I’m sure you’ve seen this as many times as I have.  People sit around a meeting table, nodding agreement as their leaders explain the plan for a critical change initiative.  Once the meeting is over, they push back their chairs and drift towards their desks.  As they congregate at the water cooler, they open up to each other:  “That’ll never happen!”  “What a pile of crap!”  “I can hardly wait until the weekend.”



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