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There are so many books and speeches/seminars on leadership, yet there are so few leaders. The demand for great leadership has never been higher. Today, the pace of change in business is dramatically faster than in earlier times. Top executives in firms today report fiercer competitive business environments and more globalized patterns of operations than ever. Technological advances continue to significantly impact both communication infrastructures and the strategic business decisions that executives make in terms of trade, resources, and competition.

the ceo magazine, leadership

Trust-building is often considered a “soft” component of management – one that can be delegated to an HR committee, trotted out during team-building activities, or shelved altogether in lieu of more “concrete” strategic initiatives. While it’s true that the trust people have in you is intangible, that doesn’t mean paying attention to it is optional. If you want to have a high functioning business – and become a high-functioning leader – you simply can’t afford to ignore one of the most basic drivers of human relationships and your leadership effectiveness.

the ceo magazine, business management
Joel Trammell, CEO, Khorus

Every organization of significant size struggles with alignment. When I talk with CEOs, alignment is often the number one issue on their plate. Even organizations with as few as 25 employees often struggle with what seems like a simple problem: How do I get everyone on the same page?



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