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In today’s economy, ordinary just won’t work anymore. Now organizations increasingly depend on cutting-edge solutions to never-before-seen problems and clever ideas for those recurring headaches that have always plagued them. However, research indicates that only a handful of star performers create the vast majority of valuable ideas for their organizations.

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Chip R. Bell

James Cameron is a “mad scientist”—and the director of the two highest grossing non-franchise movies ever made—Titanic and Avatar.  Apple Computer founder and CEO Steve Jobs was a “mad scientist.”  So were Ludwig Beethoven, Booker T. Washington, Henry Ford and Amelia Earhart.  Yet, who could deny their gigantic contributions or their incredible gifts?

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Back in the days of yore when I started my consulting career, diversity issues dominated the agendas of military social action groups and the burgeoning human resource movement. People wanted inclusion, equitable pay, and fairness in hiring and promotion. New terms like “affirmative action” and “quotas” started to creep into the vernacular, and people reacted with varying degrees of confusion, delight, and angst.



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