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           If you played sports in school, did the coach play everyone equally? Create an egalitarian form of governance in which each person had a say? Or, did the stars, the one who had the innate athletic ability and drive to put it into action receive a disproportionate amount of playing time and the coach’s attention? If you won many games, I suspect the second scenario. Fairness demands each person receive an equal opportunity to succeed, not equal treatment along the way.

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Nathan Ott, CEO of eg.1

By the very nature of our role, as leaders, we need to create a vision that galvanizes people. We have to empower our teams to keep our organizations moving forward. To be truly successful we have to constantly challenge the status quo and encourage our people to change the game before the competition changes it for us.

Human stars create energy in the organization, often causing explosions of ideas that send shock waves throughout the industry. The human supernovae also influence the formation of other luminaries. To position your company for growth in a global economy and to create the agility to respond to future unforeseen turbulence, you need to create the atmospheric conditions that will allow the stars to shine.



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