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Norman Wedderburn, President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

Imagine a business that doesn’t sell a product or provide a service, instead focuses solely on providing an intangible and unquantifiable emotion. Imagine also if one chooses to be involved only when their heart is moved.

This is a challenge in any economic climate but herculean when the economy shifts. As the CEO of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida my business success is dependent on navigating the ebb and flow of life, some joyous, some tragic.

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While most of us try to be truthful, we all lie on occasion. Some lies are minor (“Of course you don’t look fat in that outfit!”) and many are the “white lies” of everyday discourse (“This is the one product you cannot live without.”) In most cases, these lies do not cause harm and do not brand the liar as generally untrustworthy. But once you lie to someone about a matter of importance, you have damaged your relationship with that person in a way that is not easily mended.



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