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iDealResponse founder and CEO, Chris Bijou is a high-tech pioneer and entrepreneur with experience taking game-changing products from inception to global enterprise market adoption. Among these ventures was EDI Technologies, which partnered with Adobe and Xerox in launching the first electrostatic digital imaging systems. He also held senior sales management positions at firms including inContact, Siebel Systems and Oracle. Chris is an active advocate for children’s rights and has helped drive legislation for building schools for the deaf and blind.

Chris' Journey To Success

Chris has lead sales at some of the top enterprise software firms including Oracle, Siebel and EDI Technologies. In every role, he noticed a persistent lag in adapting sales techniques to meet customer demands and a negative attitude of internal competition especially towards top producers. He grew frustrated with the lack of tangible and consistent best practices among even the most experienced reps. Chris designed an offline peer collaboration system, and later a phone-based feedback system to quickly surface the “ideal responses” to customer challenges and to drive verbal proficiency. As he built out his software, Chris recognized the wider applicability of his solution across service and training organizations.

Now, augmented by multimedia and social platform technology, iDealResponse is poised to become a must-have enterprise business intelligence, performance management and training solution across all sectors. iDealResponse is revolutionizing how companies process develop actionable intelligence and driving employee performance.

About iDeal Response

iDealResponse is a radically different approach to building high performing sales and service teams. With iR, reps collaborate in real time to develop the best verbal approach to pitches, cold calls, objections, and questions. Reps love iR because it equips them with fresh, field-tested best practices they can immediately use to win and keep customers. For managers, iR is the missing link in team assessment. For the first time, they can literally “see” how their team is speaking.



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