As a senior level executive, you can have a profound affect on everyone in your organization. I was reminded of that today when I was talking with a friend and colleague and told him that I had an offer for a partnership within a particular group. In our circles, this new partnership would be groundbreaking and very highly regarded.

I told him that I thought the idea for this was unexpected--that I didn't see it coming, but he said that he did, which really kind of surprised me. He said some very kind words about me and it gave me such a skip in my step. He really has no idea how his kind words positively impacted me. All I could say was simply, "Oh My"! The rush of good feelings is incredible! Immediately I was skipping around, smiling, and then I  thought, I need to share this. 

So let's take a pause from all the text and emails and just think about your colleagues --your direct reports, your associates, your extended team. It's the holidays, so what kind of present could you give them that would rock their world?

Could there be any greater present, right now, that you could give them other than being present with them for a moment and sharing some kind words about them? What if you started today and for the next day, week or month, did nothing but tell people how incredible and extraordinary they are?

From what I just experienced, it seems to me that a compliment or kind word from you would be amazing! I know it felt amazing to me. Could this simple act of kindness increase the level of trust between you and your colleagues, employees and associates? Would it make your work day more harmonious and happy? Could productivity, trust and performance increases really be this simple? Yes, I believe it could be!

If you think about a defining moment in your career, my guess is that it will include some very kind words said by a professor, a mentor or a business colleague. It kind of blew my mind how I really never thought of this before today in the context of the holiday season. So I wanted to share a very simple message. Get out and tell your colleagues, associates and employees what you think. Speak from the heart and in a spirit of giving --sharing aspiration, inspiration and confidence that they are doing great work and are important. Let them know they are incredible and extraordinary (maybe even add a Lego inspired "Awesome!") 

Not sure the typical corporate environment fosters this kind of "warm blanket" environment. In  fact, I am sure that it doesn't. But today I was moved in a way that was so much more important than a bonus or a monetary reward and I hope that you, right now, will take this message and get out and tell the people around you how important they are to you and to your organization, family or corporation. You already know that they are, but they need to be reminded. You need to have the compassion to make sure they understand this and know how you feel about them. Can't stress the importance of this enough. The positive impact something as simple as this can have on everyone around you is overwhelming.

I always say, chop wood and carry water everyday. What it basically means is do something towards your goal every day and in addition do something for someone else everyday. For my entire career, the chop wood component or doing something towards my business goal has always been easier for me. To ensure that I do something kind for someone else everyday is harder for me. But think about how profound this one little act of telling someone how extraordinary and incredible they are can be --the impact it can have on a individual. 
Right before I started this blog, I reached out to the individual who said the kind words to me. This whole exchange got me thinking about writing this blog --and gave me a smile and a skip in my step. When I spoke to him he said just four words, "Just being of service." Then he rocked my world again --because what an important paradigm shift it is for business-- "just being of service!"

Very simply put, begin today being of service to your associates, your colleagues, your employees, your customers, your consumers. Yes, that is what it is all about! Could this paradigm of "being of service" bring a smile to your entire team? Yes, I think it would.  

Today, we should each make sure that we do something kind for everyone around us. Tell them how important they are. Send a thank you note to your customers, post a thank you on social media for your consumers... Be kind and be of service to everyone you touch today and everyday. 

Could just being kind and being of service recreate your entire business culture? Could it make your company be one of the best companies to work for? Could it get you the talent you have been looking for? Or could it just be the productivity increase you need to reach your 2016 goals and objectives? My feeling is this, if you start today you are going to see incredible results. I know how I feel, having received those kind words, and now having the opportunity to share this experience with you.

Happy Holidays! Here's to kind words and being of service in 2016-- 




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