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Janice DiPietro, CEO, Exceptional Leaders International

As CEOs we have all felt how lonely the role can be and the multiple and often conflicting demands placed upon us. This becomes amplified as our various constituencies of stakeholders begin the chant relative to the New Year.

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Tom Leahey, Principal & Lead for Strategic Growth Advisory Practice, Windham Brannon

Leave it to Silicon Valley to introduce yet another business term―so futuristic and symbolic―that its meaning is barely recognizable beyond those in the know. We’ve had these episodes before. Terms such as “accelerator,” “revenue linearity,” and “asymmetric returns” have been thrown at us before by ranks of entrepreneurs and financiers all hungry to coin the next catch phrase.

I am not talking about holiday shopping. I am talking about “shopping” for your business. Last year, I like many individuals waited, and waited and waited for word about the expired tax extenders. Just in the nick of time, tax extenders were approved. Of course by that time many did not have time to shop.

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Charlie Fusco, CEO, Synergixx, LLC

If you’re a small company desiring or experiencing rapid growth – jump in--but do so cautiously. Clearly, you’re producing a valuable service or product, but without careful strategies to manage your growth, the business can plummet as quickly as it rose.

the ceo magazine, pivoting,
Will Fleming, CEO, MotionPoint Corporation

Recently, my company—a provider of technology solutions for business globalization—celebrated its 15th birthday. MotionPoint, with its culturally diverse team of more than 200 employees, is a pioneer in its field. But localizing websites, and later discovering ways to maximize the value and impact of those sites in ways that transcend translation, isn’t where we started.



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