The holiday season is winding down and this is the time of year when most of us have lots of lists of things to do. It also seems that every single blog, tweet and newsletter that I read is sharing their top picks for anything and everything as we close out the year. There’s the Top Ten Best Holiday Videos. The Top 10 Articles of 2014. The Top 7 Marketing Trends. You get the idea. I must say that I do get intrigued when I see these headlines and so I end up reading the articles.

A recent trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico yielded two lessons in protecting a brand and protecting your value. Although the little locally owned store may seem miles away from the international golden arches, each had a story to tell about value.

It’s that time of year. There are holiday open houses, luncheon get-togethers and company parties.  While retail operations are in full swing many service businesses like mine find that this is a difficult time of year when it comes to productivity. There are lots of reasons. Customers are trying to get ready for the holidays or wrap up the year so many projects get stalled. They are also reluctant to start new projects. Employees are busy trying to attend family holiday events or prepare for visits. Some are trying to get in vacation time before they lose it.

Small Business Saturday results

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. You simply can’t get away from the promotions this time of year.  While there is lots of hype leading up to these promotions you have to wonder if there are real results. I was most interested in Small Business Saturday which got unbelievable coverage in the media and lots of paid advertising.

In sports a team may win by 20 points or 2 points and the game still goes in the W column. Whether the winning team was behind the whole game or ahead, the game still goes in the W column. Whether the starting quarterback or center plays every play or goes out on the first play, the game still goes in the W column.

In sports they call may them ugly wins, but they are still wins.



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