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Kristen Gramigna, CMO, BluePay

Though managing the taxes associated with generating your own income, owning business-related assets and employing staff may not be your favorite part of owning a business, there are many small business tax advantages that may lower your tax burden and leave more money in your bank account. Here are some tax tips all small business owners can benefit from, regardless of industry or income.

The non-stop political ads have ceased. I think everyone is happy about that. But in the week following the elections the analysis has continued. Everyone is trying to figure out how the changes will play out and if bipartisanship has a chance. There is great speculation about what we will see from the lame duck session and the 114th Session of Congress that will begin in January. Many of the small business owners I have talked to are wondering where small business ranks with the new leadership.

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Phil Fankhauser, CEO, Epcon

When people think of franchising opportunities, they often think of fast food restaurants, hotel chains and fitness centers. When I tell people that I offer a franchise for home building communities – they do a double take.

About two decades ago, my cofounder and I decided that the business model we created for building and selling our award-winning, single-story residential condominium communities could be replicated. Our residential communities were and remain targeted at the 55 + market today.

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Jenny Q. Ta, CEO, Sqeeqee
Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons: poor planning, lack of cash flow, not understanding the market, treating customers poorly and much more.
As a successful entrepreneur, author and CEO of Sqeeqee, the first-of-its-kind social networthing® site, I have found that these are the five common mistakes that entrepreneurs make:

About eleven years ago I wrote some tips for a business publication to share some of my thoughts about what I had learned in my first fifteen years in business.  If you do the math then you will know that the business is now over 25 years old. As I was going through some old files I found the article again.



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