This past week we were very happy to bring three new clients onboard. It isalways great when you bring in new business but it is also time consuming to get to know each other. When you work with an existing client it is just a fact of life that you get into a pattern of working and things flow smoothly. If you want to ensure that same great working relationship with new customers there are a few things I can suggest.

Do Your Homework

Call me old fashioned but I was dumbfounded and, quite frankly, disgusted at a recent Kickstarter campaign. A man started a campaign to make a bowl of potato salad. His goal was $10 and his pitch was, “Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet.” Not particularly inspiring or noteworthy. But, the results have been impressive.

A few weeks ago I was in Washington DC where I attended the National Small Business Association Washington Presentation. The sessions were focused on small business and you can read about them and the White House briefing at .

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Stacia Pierce, CEO, Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises

There are many aspiring entrepreneurs looking for more revenue and resources, with no idea how to make it happen. I get letters every day that say, “I want to start my business—but I’m not making the money that I need to do so!” Some try borrowing from relatives and others look for investment capital opportunities. Although getting capital for your business is hard to come by these days, all hope is not lost. You can build your dream business on your own through self-funding.

It happens every year. I start out with good intentions of making sure I have time for mid-year planning but things just seem to move too quickly and before I know it the year has passed and I have to scramble. This year I made a conscious effort to do a mid-year business check-up and change my approach.

When you a run a small business it is easy to be so involved in the day to day work that you simply don’t have the time to think. But if you break down your operation into a few “big buckets” then it makes the job easier. Here are a few thoughts.



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