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Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA

As the CEO of an organization, you spend a great deal of your time deciding what future changes will be most beneficial for your company. When contemplating these major decisions, what's your initial starting point? One effective tool is a SWOT analysis, which highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that exist within a company. Gaining a comprehensive overview of your company using this management tool can uncover surprising and valuable information that will help you plan for the future.

Do you hate it every time you get a new phone and have to learn how to operate it?

Does the thought of Windows XP going away make you shake with fear?

Are you continuing to make products that are no longer great sellers?

Are you still employing someone that really does not perform?

I am not sure about other business owners but I am really tired of motivational speakers whose message is that you can do anything. Yes, it is important to be inspired and motivated. You have to sincerely believe that you can achieve something or it is very likely that you won’t. However, there is a missing piece to this inspiration. You can probably do anything given the effort and resources, but you can’t succeed at everything. That is the problem that many small business owners face.

By D. Luke Iorio, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, President & CEO at iPEC

The majority of leadership articles focus on what you can do to better lead, impact, and influence others. However, leading others isn’t possible unless you’re, first, leading yourself.

Those around you follow your lead, right? At least that’s the intention.

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Dan Antonelli, CEO & Creative Director, Graphic D-Signs, Inc., The Small Business Advertising Agency

You’ve heard of the elevator test: being able to clearly convey your resume, credentials, aspirations, and your overall value as a working professional all in the span of a quick elevator ride. Pretty tough.

I’ve got a new test for you, the business card test. It’s infinitely faster, remarkably subtle, yet has the power to move mountains and drive the needle forward towards your lofty business goals. And it all centers on perception.



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