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Brian Ray is a Business & Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several of the largest companies in the world on multiple projects and assignments.

So, you think that when you reach your place of business on a given day that you are safe from the myriad of issues lurking in your peers’ personal lives?  Guess again. 

One of the most problematic (yet also fascinating) things that can happen in the business/office environment is how much that environment can mimic the home life of the staff.  This of course means that all the dramas, strife, and rivalries between family members that exist in people’s home lives (past & present) can permeate the business space as well. 

There is a new trend of employee scheduling that is sweeping through various industries at the present time.  That is the practice of Just-in-Time scheduling.  It is particularly concentrated in restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets, but will probably be spreading to other industries soon. 

It goes without saying that both IBM and HP are legendary giants within the IT industry. 

However, each has suffered from a similar set of problems in the past, and now those issues are once again setting the stage for disaster.  These include a lack of vision, extremely poor decision making on part of their leadership, a continual focus on the wrong priorities, and the same old cheap bag of tricks being used time and again.

(Note: This month’s entry is inspired by the current controversy surrounding NBC news anchor Brian Williams and his purposeful reporting of inaccurate information.  Several references will be made to that ongoing event in order to draw parallels that can be used as perspective for professionals in the business world). 

Across the corporate world these days, many companies have the walls of their respective locations plastered with various positive statements regarding how upstanding their values are, that their employees matter, etc.  In particular, many companies now claim to have an “Open Door” policy when it comes to issue resolution and/or the presentation of ideas.  However, in many cases this policy truly exists on a superficial level only, with the sad truth being that these so-called “empowering” programs are merely an exercise of smoke & mirrors to make operations appear better to the outside



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