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Brace yourself!  Sales management, sales trainers and motivational speakers are the number one carriers of Sales Call Reluctance.  This was the finding of George Dudley and Shannon Goodson of Behavioral Sciences Research Press. This is not to say all sales managers, trainers, and motivational speakers carry sales call reluctance; however, the reason they do might be more obvious than you would think.

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The beginning of the year is an excellent time to assess your goals and to ensure you are on the right path to achieving them. If you continually seem to not be able to meet a particular goal, something needs to change. However, it might not be what you think.

ceo magazine, sales

Recently a seasoned salesperson admitted that he is experiencing Sales Call Reluctance. He shared that he has been wildly successful and unstoppable until recently. A shift in his industry has thrown him for a loop. He’s developed a viable plan for a new market, but he is frankly “afraid to pick up the phone.”


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