Craig Ross

Craig Ross joined Verus Global in 1999, bringing a background in curriculum design and an incredible passion and discipline for effective training and development programs. For over a decade, Craig has partnered with C-Suite executives, leaders, and teams elevating performance within global organizations and Fortune 100 companies.


Every business leader is looking for the breakthrough solution or secret strategy that will launch their organization to the top. But what these people sometimes fail to realize is that the greatest innovation can be the leadership they display.

We all want our teams to work quickly and efficiently. But, what most leaders don’t realize is the impact that company culture has on productivity in the workplace. People in their natural state are motivated. It is the job of every person within the culture to create an environment that allows employees to nurture and build their inner motivation versus trying to “motivate” people.

As a leader, you can steer change in your organization’s environment so that your employees feel motivated and empowered to work more effectively by using the “Best Ever” Culture Approach.

embracing change

By Craig W. Ross


One of the biggest factors in the success of a company is its ability to be nimble and embrace change. Being able to evolve with—or even ahead of—customer needs helps keep organizations relevant and ahead of the curve. In fact, many of the leaders we work with report that 90 percent of their work is about leading effective change.

What elements are necessary for a team to achieve high performance? You may find yourself mentally listing off things like a strong work ethic or the ability to get through projects quickly and efficiently. While these are essential to success, there is another element you wouldn’t typically expect – how a team views failure or unexpected outcomes.

Three Choices That Will Make You an Accelerator

By Craig W. Ross



Accelerators can be found in every level of every organization; they get those around them to the point of realized potential more quickly and create faster, more efficient results. But, what is an Accelerator and how do you know if you can call yourself one? Here are three deliberate choices leaders can make to increase their potential, and that of their teams, to become Accelerators.



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