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Cynthia Kay is a passionate spokesperson for small business- speaking, teaching and coaching … all while running an award-winning company. Cynthia Kay and Company produces high-quality communications that are used on the national and international scene.

Did you ever wonder what a procurement officer or buyer is thinking? Did you ever ask the buyer of your goods or services what they need? Did you ever wonder what drives a buyer crazy? Wonder no more! I have been reading and re-reading a book called “Feedback! Sales Advice from the Buyers Desk.”

Like most business owners I get asked to speak on different topics to a variety of groups. I did a count and have been averaging about one speech per week for the past few months and traveling around the country.  A fellow business owner reached out to ask some questions about accepting and charging for speaking engagements so I thought I would share a few ideas.  Here are a few things to consider.

Shark Tank, it’s that popular TV show where entrepreneurs and inventors try to get the celebrity

About eleven years ago I wrote some tips for a business publication to share some of my thoughts about what I had learned in my first fifteen years in business.  If you do the math then you will know that the business is now over 25 years old. As I was going through some old files I found the article again.

Year-end is just around the corner for those of us that close out the year on September 30th. That means it’s time to assess our accomplishments and reward employees for their work. Assessing the business for me is not just about growing the top line, although that is critically important. But there are other measures we need to consider.



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