Diane Cashin

Diane Cashin is the President & CEO of True North Enterprise a leadership development and executive coach working with the Fortune 500.  She has worked with many of America’s top businesses including: Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Siemens and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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One of the most impactful areas to create a radical shift in business growth and results is to be able to distinguish between what you are doing” each day (i.e., work deliverables) and who you are being as a leader.   All businesses are results oriented, but what is it that makes one business more successful than another in a similar market? How is it that one company can cultivate more clients, more revenue, and attract more talent to their company? 

Within an organization, there is an energy flow.   I refer to it as the “Infinite Possibilities Cycle.”

How to Achive Customer Affinity?  Provide Exquisite Care!

When you move beyond providing "customer service" and connect at a deeper level by providing solutions, it allows you to "understand and care."  It takes the customer's experience to an entirely new level.  When you genuinely care for your customer, they can feel it -- it touches their heart.  You truly make a difference in their life and business.  This results in Customer Affinity where your customers promote your business to others, resulting in increased revenues and market share.

Leveraging Corporate Strategies to Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals! 

No More Resolutions….It’s about Your Plan!

It’s that time of year again -- time to make New Year’s resolutions!  According to StatisticsBrain.com,1 62% of us will make a resolution and only 8% of us will succeed!   It’s no wonder that with such a low success rate that 38% of the population never make New Year’s Resolutions. 

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In today’s continually changing economic and political landscape along with the rapid innovation of technology, how can a leader keep up? In order to lead from the front, leaders need to continually learn, understand market trends and stay aligned with the company’s vision and mission. It’s not always inherent or easy to understand what leadership attributes they need to refine their skills given this environment.



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