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An internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure, JP was one of the highest rated lecturers at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education Program.

The Institute for Health and Human Potential conducted a survey for our  New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, The Science of Doing More Your Best When it Matters Most (Crown Business, 2015), asking senior leaders about the impact on them and their teams when they were tasked to do more with less. 

Enough books have been written and enough information is available that, by now, most leaders and managers understand what they need to do to manage change in their organization. They understand the need to get buy-in, secure credible senior sponsors, persuade key influencers in the organization and communicate, communicate, communicate.

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A CEO of a financial services company felt pressure from the Board to grow the company by winning major, multi-million dollar clients. The CEO instituted a new process for his team, whereby he labeled any prospect over 150 million dollars a "must win" deal and insisted that he be brought in to play a significant role in each of these big deals to help "close" them.  While he had very good intentions when he instituted this process, it didn’t help his team at all.

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After Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy destroyed property and lives, New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo established a commission to investigate the response, preparation, and management of New York’s power utility companies during these major storms that impacted the state. A short time later, Julie Howard, CEO of Navigant Consulting, learned that a newspaper was running a story about her company and its connection to this investigation.


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