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In sports a team may win by 20 points or 2 points and the game still goes in the W column. Whether the winning team was behind the whole game or ahead, the game still goes in the W column. Whether the starting quarterback or center plays every play or goes out on the first play, the game still goes in the W column.

In sports they call may them ugly wins, but they are still wins.

A client recently spoke at her own event. As anyone knows that has hosted an event, any event is kind of like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It takes what either is or feels like a year’s worth of planning for an event to go off with few hitches.

So to go through the time and expense of putting on an event you want it to go well: especially if you are the speaker at your own event. You want to shine when you have created the spotlight on you.

The morning after this event my client texted me. She felt she had not been “on top of her game”.

There is a saying that when you host company in your home, be nice until the very last minute they are your guests. If you are nice until the last ten minutes, and then have “words”, the “words” will be remembered and the good time prior to those last minutes will be forgotten.

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The Rocky franchise first came into our lives in 1976. Detroit and Motown both were still churning out hits. Rocky gave the world this quote that remains as true today for business as when these words were mumbled by the prizefighter 37 years ago. “It's about how hard you get hit . .  . How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done.” 

Yet many elements of leadership in the 21st century have changed. An effective leader needs to identify which qualities have stayed the same and which qualities have evolved. Leadership is very different in some core ways than it was just a few years ago.

NE Ohio thought this day would never come. If you listened to sports radio, former players and talking heads also thought this day would never come . . .  the return of LeBron “The King” James to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As in the Odyssey, I thought LeBron would return someday to the Cavs. In the Greek epic, Odysseus' struggled for 10 years to return home after the Trojan War. I don’t know how it felt to LeBron, but for much of NE Ohio LeBron’s exit felt like more than 10 years.



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