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Peter Friedman is the CEO and Chairman of LiveWorld, and the author of The CMO’s Social Media Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide For Leading Marketing Teams in the Social Media World.

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Last year I went down to Miami to an annual summit of global chief marketing officers. Working with these CMOs and aspiring CMOs, I was impressed. They all believed in the value of social media long-term, engaged relationships with customers to produce a rich value chain: real-time marketing and insight, higher-quality, yet lower-cost customer service and support, and long-term revenue growth. Ten, even five years ago, such a group of CMOs would not have looked at the world this way – despite the fact that social media marketing has been a tool for commerce since the days of the medieval marketplace.

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Many brands today are engaging in transformative conversations with customers through social media. These conversations and the relationships that follow allow these brands to fundamentally change the way they do business, ensuring that as customer needs change they’re positioned to capture those changes, adapt, and thrive.

ceo magazine, social media marketing

Storytelling has been marketing’s go-to buzzword for a couple years running. A well-told story that draws on the interests of its audience has the power to connect customers emotionally to a brand and make it unforgettable.

But when it comes to social media, few marketers get storytelling right. Traditional advertising follows a broadcasting model, and that’s how most brands today are telling stories in social—they develop an idea, package it up in a ready-made campaign, push the story out through social channels, and hope people like it.


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