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If you have been kind enough to follow my blog, you will then know that I have talked about this phenomenon in the past. However, an article by John Kotter in the November 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review got me thinking deeply about the duality of organizations.

In one of my last posts on my previous blog site, Stuck In The Middle, I talked about the changing landscape for most organizations and in particular, the impact change is having on our field as HR/talent practitioners.

And so today, I am here to ask you, what have you done to support this change? I am talking beyond just supporting the business by talking about the change. I want specifics. I want to know how you’re helping to push our field forward and I want to know what you’re strategy is for moving people through the inevitable change and how you’re helping them cope.

Reality (in business) is often looking in the mirror but wearing an invisibility cloak. We look straight past our current situation without seeing what we’re doing in our daily role. Because we’re invisible (going through the motions), we often miss what’s really going on.

This story is specific but in reality it’s more common than not across all enterprises.



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