The end is near: You can see 2016’s finish line on the horizon. For many teams this is “rally time,” meaning we need everyone super focused and giving their best efforts if we’re going to hit our goals.

While every team is under immense pressure to finish the year strong, far too many will fall short of success. And you can pick them out of the crowd quickly: They lack a specific focus and energy necessary to achieve the team’s purpose.

Question: What’s the one big thing we need to achieve as a team? This question is common language within the meetings of those teams who are experiencing greater momentum as the year comes to a close. To assume everyone knows the answer to the above question is to place the team’s success in jeopardy.

Here are three additional questions proven to elevate a piqued focus:

  • How do we know we’re functioning “on purpose”?
  • Why does achieving our purpose compel us to give our best efforts?
  • What can we do right now to function with greater focus?

To assist leaders in assessing their team’s ability to focus and deliver on purpose, we have created this simple survey. We’re giving it away for free because we believe the teams that want to do big things should be equipped to do so.

It isn’t over until it’s over. A focused team is a successful team. 

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