We all want our teams to work quickly and efficiently. But, what most leaders don’t realize is the impact that company culture has on productivity in the workplace. People in their natural state are motivated. It is the job of every person within the culture to create an environment that allows employees to nurture and build their inner motivation versus trying to “motivate” people.

As a leader, you can steer change in your organization’s environment so that your employees feel motivated and empowered to work more effectively by using the “Best Ever” Culture Approach.

The “Best Ever” Culture Approach

This approach creates a culture in which the workforce is engaged and its actions are aligned with the organization’s strategies and business objectives. Leaders who use the Best Ever Culture Approach are consistently working to strengthen this link because they know that effective cultures are not created with a one-size-fits-all strategy. When groups develop a common language, it also addresses individual and collective behaviors—helping everyone to become more connected and more efficient. They are relevant to and directed by the organization.

Three Pillars of Best Ever Culture

A Best Ever Culture aligns people, purpose and profitability, and is built on three fundamental pillars:

1. People are committed to fostering the development of healthy individuals, teams and systems proactively rather than trying to fix people and problems reactively.

2. The environment allows people to be who they truly want to be rather than stifling their natural motivation to contribute fully.

3. People seek to understand what is working rather than what is not working to focus on solutions and strengths rather than on problems and weaknesses, and to find the value in what is happening rather than concentrating on who or what is to blame.

Are You Leading a Best Ever Culture?

Most people intuitively know when they are operating in such a culture—and when they are not. Here are just a few of the ways people describe being in workplace that embraces a Best Ever Culture:

  • They can tell the truth about issues that the organization facing.
  • Everyone is on the same page.
  • They can feel momentum and energy. 
  • They’re excited about their opportunities.
  • They get work done faster.

By identifying and understanding how a Best Ever Culture functions, you can focus on developing a culture that motivates your employees and provides results like those mentioned above. 

What immediate steps can you take at your company to incorporate one of the three pillars of a Best Ever Culture?

To learn more about establishing a Best Ever Culture, check out the book Stomp the Elephant in the Office

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