Three Choices That Will Make You an Accelerator

By Craig W. Ross



Accelerators can be found in every level of every organization; they get those around them to the point of realized potential more quickly and create faster, more efficient results. But, what is an Accelerator and how do you know if you can call yourself one? Here are three deliberate choices leaders can make to increase their potential, and that of their teams, to become Accelerators.

1) Accelerators choose to act with the wisdom that people already have greatness within them.

People want to be great at what they do and to succeed. This statement may seem obvious, but it is sometimes easy for even the best leaders to forget. Accelerators consistently remind themselves of this. They use language that shows they believe their team has potential and momentum already. They use leadership to communicate that they believe their team members are highly capable and that each has a unique set of strengths and skills. This allows and inspires people to be fully engaged, take ownership and responsibility, give their best and enjoy their work.

2) Accelerators choose to see what is possible and be inspired.

Instead of waiting around and playing the game of “what if?” to experience wins, Accelerators choose to leverage areas where strengths and success already exist. They rely on the facts when analyzing their current situation and see this as the foundation to moving things forward. Use Forward Focus Questions, like the ones listed below, to create optimism and confidence and build momentum.

Forward Focus Questions:

  • What can we do more of to improve sales/engagement quickly?
  • In addition to what we already know, what else are our customers telling us?
  • What is the next and immediate thing we can do to execute more efficiently?
  • How do we better leverage the resources we already have?

3) Accelerators know what they experience is their choice. They choose the richer experience.

Accelerators are determined to be the best possible expression of themselves. It is a continuous process and there is no finish line. This does not need to be daunting or exhausting. In fact, Accelerators choose to see it as quite the opposite. They focus on how this process will give them and others richer experiences. When a person understands the significance of this choice, a transformation happens. See your own journey as an Accelerator, as a way to enrich the world. Discover your own greatness by activating the potential of others around you.

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