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It takes a very talented, determined and experienced individual to successfully lead a business, complete numerous tasks and meet business goals.  As you know, business leaders have many responsibilities and are expected to fulfill their roles to the best of their ability. However, being constantly pulled in different directions, drowning in paperwork and solving all sorts of problems can certainly take a toll and cause a tremendous amount of stress.

It’s easy to forget too much stress can be detrimental to your health as well as your business. If you feel you’ve tried methods like researching advice, applying better management skills, attending business workshops and yet you’re still struggling with results, the next option to explore is hiring a business coach. This financial investment is worth every penny, as you’ll work directly with an expert to develop effective business plans and successful management skills to meet your goals.

To make sure hiring a business coach is the right solution for you, I have listed five critical signs you may relate to during this time in your life. If you identify with one of the following, then perhaps an executive coach is the answer to helping you and your company grow.

1. You Don’t Know How to Reach Your Full Potential

Business leaders are visionaries. They often find themselves thinking about the future and how far the business can go. You may know what to do and how to get there but you need professional guidance along the way. A business coach can help you prioritize tasks, improve efficiency and focus more on achieving short-term goals to eventually accomplish your mission.

2. You Constantly Struggle with Prioritizing Tasks

Time management can be a constant struggle for business leaders. Especially for those who feel they can take care of everything and make sure it’s done right. If you’ve hired a team of people, then it means you need many heads to make your business function efficiently and successfully. Business coaches are always eager to make your life easier. They can help you identify and overcome the many obstacles keeping you from completing priorities. 

3. You Have Trouble Putting Advice Into Practice

Are you fond of learning new business tips and tricks but struggle to put them into practice? A coach will not only provide you with proven business tactics, he or she will also hold you accountable for executing them properly. Your coach will be sure to check on your progress and guide you until you meet your goal(s).

4. You Need Guidance on Understanding Your Company’s Financial Health

Is your business financially healthy? Not every CEO is trained in analyzing and managing the financial aspect of their business. Business coaches can provide a closer look at your financial needs and determine ways you can make more money and cut down on costs you don’t need.

5. You’re Working Too Many Hours

It takes hard work to run a business, however you don’t want to feel like the business is running you. CEOs must know how to create a work and life balance to avoid feeling burnt out. If you still feel overwhelmed even after trying different approaches to relieve your stress, you can benefit greatly from hiring a business coach. They can teach you how to delegate, manage your to-do list and set priorities. The goal is to give you more free time, be happier and lead a more fulfilling life, thus inspiring more creative work.

If you can relate to one or more of the signs above, then it may be time to seek a business mentor to help you reach your full potential. It’s admirable to build a company through your own hard work and dedication, but it is just as commendable to acknowledge your business is worth hiring a professional to help you and your business succeed.

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Based in Dallas, Stephanie Chung and Associates offer sales coaching, sales training, and executive mentorship services nationwide that help you work smarter, not harder. As a former sales executive in the aviation and private jet industry, Stephanie has mastered the art of high ticket selling and has mentored, coached and developed some of the highest paid, most elite, sales professionals in the country. Serving business leaders, sales executives, and sales professionals, Business Coach Stephanie Chung uses her proven executive coaching and sales training expertise to get the job done. Chung is an executive coach, trainer and advisor as well as a public speaker backed by more than 25 years of team management, business development, and sales leadership experience. She counsels sales executives and business professionals in a diverse array of strategies and tactics. Chung is also a public speaker and a contributor of The Change Book Series.


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