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Allison Maslan, CEO, Allison Maslan International, Inc.

Keep your head down. Do the job you know you’re good at and collect your paycheck. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t risk failure. Most of us have some form of inner voice that has spoken these words to us at one point or another over the course of our professional lives. And there is some truth there; it is certainly less risky to do what you know and color within the lines… but will you ever be satisfied with that kind of life? Will you ever reach your professional potential and maximize your earning power if your entire focus is on staying near the safety of familiar shores? In a word, no.

In order to experience our ultimate potential for career satisfaction and success, we have to be willing to take risks. At some pivotal moment, we are each faced with some version of the following options:

  1. Cave into the pressure, stay stuck and allow life to continually overwhelm you.
  2. Resort to the same habitual ways of doing your job and making money even though they continually leave you feeling emotionally flat and worn out.
  3. Step out into the big unknown, face your fears and aim for a life of purpose.

As you might guess, any choice other than number three will keep you stuck on life’s hamster wheel, going nowhere fast and experiencing the same repetitive cycles over and over again. Here’s the good news: If you are brave enough to follow your passion and live a life of meaning, the excitement and momentum that results can create a financially rewarding outcome far above and beyond any version of “survival consciousness” you would otherwise have chosen. The key is to move from survival thinking to abundant living.

Embracing Abundance Consciousness

When you are living in abundance, you are experiencing a high degree of fullness and prosperity throughout the full scope of your life. Abundance carries the energy of growth and limitless living. When you embrace your passion and your potential as an integral part of your career path, that is when abundance consciousness becomes truly possible.

This is not always easy when you own a business. You are constantly hit with one unexpected challenge after another. I know in building 10 companies over the years and now mentoring business owners globally, CEOs tend to go through similar highs and lows when on the road to abundance. By implementing these practices on a regular basis, as if you are exercising your mind the way you exercise your body at the gym, you become so much more open to new possibilities and much more resilient to handle the surprises that regularly arise.

One area that blocks many people from following their passion to create the most meaningful and lucrative career possible for them is issues around money. Here are seven steps that can support you in reframing your thinking around financial abundance so you are more ready to experience an abundant life:

  1. Flip the switch on your beliefs about money from negative to positive. Know that money is abundantly available to you as you need it.
  2. Flesh out your big picture vision for your career and financial future. Visualize it, intend for it to manifest in your life and meditate on your financial goals.
  3. Hold your big picture vision and your inner knowing that money flows abundantly to you in your thoughts throughout the day. Pause at least once a day for 60 seconds and focus on these truths.
  4. Feel appreciation every time you give or receive money.
  5. Take at least one action, big or small, every day to move towards your big picture vision and positive intentions for a meaningful, lucrative career.
  6. Allow yourself to think bigger than you ever thought possible and watch your wealth grow exponentially!
  7. Expect abundant wealth to come to you.

Take the risk. Let your dreams and goals be larger than life, and don’t let anyone else’s negative opinions or actions dissuade you. Find what lights you up and follow that all the way to a meaningful, wealthy life and career.

About the Author

Allison Maslan is a serial entrepreneur, having created and successfully run 10 different companies including cultivating a 20-year practice as a holistic physician. Her company Allison Maslan International offers Pinnacle Global, a three-tier business coaching program that teaches entrepreneurs how to accelerate their growth, capitalize on their success and balance it all with a meaningful life. Learn more about Allison and the Pinnacle Global programs at For further high-impact support, listen to Allison's free audio for business owners, “The 8 Millionaire Secrets of Successful Business Owners,” at


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