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Robert S. Sheen, Founder & President, First Capitol Consulting, Inc.

Few pieces of legislation have triggered as much controversy as the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” Some disdain it as a governmental intrusion into private decisions about healthcare, while others admire it as a much-needed reform of the nation’s healthcare system. Regardless of your view, it is now a necessary element in every CEO’s business planning.

Does your company have fewer than 50 employees? You are exempt from the ACA’s “employer responsibility” requirements, and don’t have to provide your workers with health insurance. You have a lot of company, by the way; 96% of all firms in the USA, or 5.8 million out of the 6 million employers in the nation, are exempt.

Extra extra

You never know when it might happen.  You say or do something that gets you or your business noticed. The next thing you know you have reporters calling and asking for an interview.  I have had a number of these situations recently and want to focus on one. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a well-known weekly national news magazine about my experience with small business health insurance costs and the impact of the Affordable Care Act.


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