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Michael Randazzo, Author, Tales of an American Entrepreneur: Journey of a Small-Business Owner

Whether you are a nascent entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO, many challenges are rooted in the same word: acquiring. Entrepreneurs ask themselves: “How do I acquire more customers, quality employees, or a better bottom line?” I cannot address these conundrums now but experience suggests one way businesses can maximize these “acquisitions” while compressing expenses involve Branding. Establishing your brand does not have to be a toilsome task but does require maintenance.

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Many brands today are engaging in transformative conversations with customers through social media. These conversations and the relationships that follow allow these brands to fundamentally change the way they do business, ensuring that as customer needs change they’re positioned to capture those changes, adapt, and thrive.

the ceo magazine, branding
Dan Antonelli, CEO & Creative Director, Graphic D-Signs, Inc., The Small Business Advertising Agency

You’ve heard of the elevator test: being able to clearly convey your resume, credentials, aspirations, and your overall value as a working professional all in the span of a quick elevator ride. Pretty tough.

I’ve got a new test for you, the business card test. It’s infinitely faster, remarkably subtle, yet has the power to move mountains and drive the needle forward towards your lofty business goals. And it all centers on perception.



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