I grew up in a family business so as you might imagine business was personal. It was also pretty casual. There were no agreements in place. There were no job descriptions and no real understanding about how the partnership would work. It just did.

Today business is much more complicated and would-be entrepreneurs are much smarter about operating agreements and other legal documents needed. But they often miss one of the key elements of success- the personal relationship.

Managers hear questions every day.  Some serious; some trivial.  “Are the merger rumors true?” “How much is our budget being cut?”  “Can we extend our deadline a couple of days?”  “Is our team going to have to work over the weekend?”

But the ONE question that you have to answer correctly every single time is this:  “What are you working on?”

It’s particularly crucial that you give the answer right when responding to your own boss. But your reputation can also suffer when you blow that question with your colleagues.

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Janice DiPietro, CEO, Exceptional Leaders International

As you execute your plan for 2016 and deal with the myriad of issues and opportunities that CEOs face every day, it is critical that your communications with your direct reports be as succinct and meaningful as possible. This article, the first in a series, addresses the most salient discussion points and expected caliber of response you should be receiving from your Chief Financial Officer.



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