Enough books have been written and enough information is available that, by now, most leaders and managers understand what they need to do to manage change in their organization. They understand the need to get buy-in, secure credible senior sponsors, persuade key influencers in the organization and communicate, communicate, communicate.

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No one seems to agree about the origin of the term “sacred cow.” Before it emerged as an idiom in America in the last 19th century, some believe the term simply described the elevated place of cows in Hinduism. Or, the term could have originated with the legendary hero, Prithu, who assumed the form of a cow in order to encourage his subjects to raise more vegetables.

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Many individuals want the prestige of being in Management, yet they lack the understanding that extra work and responsibility is part of the package.  The honest truth is that leaders always have to take on more work than others, and often must be prepared to sacrifice additional amounts of their time beyond the norm in order to maintain the workflow of their organizations.



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