It’s an astonishing statistic, but roughly two out of three change initiatives fail to meet their stated targets.  This is significant since most companies must undertake moderate organizational changes at least once a year (and major changes every four or five years) due to disruption from technology, their industry and/or the competition.

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Hamish Knox, Sandler Training

When you announce a change in your organization your people will split into three groups – angels, agnostics, and atheists. Those labels have nothing to do with religion.

Your angels are change champions. They’re the ones who say, “sounds great, boss. How can we help?”

Can you lead effective change? Despite a plethora of research that says there are basic human needs that must be met to achieve desired change, it’s staggering the number of executives who willfully or blindly charge forward – only to see their organizations fall well before the finish line.

It’s useful to keep fundamental, human change dynamics in mind to ensure we function from a reality that leverages what we know about the human spirit. Given the power of these attributes, we might even consider them “laws.” If you don’t follow them, you can’t succeed.



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