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Shelley F. Hall, Author, Brick Wall Breakthrough – What The @#$% Do I Do Next? Actions for Exceptional Sales and Service

There are very few things that scare us more than change. When the doctor says “exercise more,” we respond with a list of reasons why we don’t have the time. When it’s time to install new or upgraded software, your end users are quick to scream about lost productivity while learning it. Change is necessary, but it’s a monster at the door, instilling fear, panic, and resistance – just ask my colleagues how I responded to Windows 8!

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This year my clients have made enormous gains, some hiring top performers into key positions; others executing demanding strategies; everyone challenging the ordinary. But not everything happened seamlessly. Here’s what my clients taught me this year:

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Joel Levitt, President, Springfield Resources

We live in a world where almost any organization’s leaders want change yesterday. Our competitors are getting better faster. Our shareholders jump ship unless we produce more sales, profits, lower costs and increase their shareholder value on a quarter by quarter basis.

I just attended a live meeting of a global health care company with representatives from several US, European and Asian plants. They were tasked with transforming their workflow in engineering. The vice president of engineering said flat out, “what we’ve done in the past (as far as change initiatives) in 15 months now must take 15 weeks, if it would have taken 6 months; you’ve now got 6 weeks.”



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