The first day I sauntered into Miss Amos’s English class, I was scared. Not because of the subject or because this was my first day in a big city school—I was startled by her face. My first thought: Did some terrible disease do this to her?

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James Hamerstone & Lindsay Musser Hough

Forget the glass ceiling. The fact is: women communicate differently than men and, too often, to their own detriment. They tend to speak up less, apologize more, downplay their achievements and use less-powerful body language – all of which impact their career success.

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Michael Parker, Author, It’s Not What You Say: How to Sell Your Message When It Matters Most

In the days of ‘control and command,’ leaders could rely on positions of hierarchy that allowed them to indulge in communication that was essentially one way. This communication needed to be clear but it assumed an audience - a workforce - ready to take instruction and ‘follow the leader,’ because that was what you did to keep your job.



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