Can you lead effective change? Despite a plethora of research that says there are basic human needs that must be met to achieve desired change, it’s staggering the number of executives who willfully or blindly charge forward – only to see their organizations fall well before the finish line.

It’s useful to keep fundamental, human change dynamics in mind to ensure we function from a reality that leverages what we know about the human spirit. Given the power of these attributes, we might even consider them “laws.” If you don’t follow them, you can’t succeed.

It’s that time of year again: You’re going to press the leaders in your organization to deliver this year’s plan – while also insisting they design what next year will look like. Your team is entering a precarious stretch in the calendar: Because focus is everything, and distractions are everywhere, they’re at risk of failing at both plans.

The key to success it taking these 3 actions to finish strong and begin stronger as you transition between years:


We’ve all seen it happen: A leader ascends to a top position, only to see their effectiveness erode because they believe they are superior to those they lead. When we error in defining reality we distance ourselves from realizing potential.

I recognize these errors because I have been guilty in committing them. Not everyone suffers these mistakes, though they occur with enough frequency in the ranks of leadership that it’s important to be aware of these causes of demise.  



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