New year, new you. This idea, albeit cliché, is motivation for many individuals to reflect on their personal growth and what they’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. And while some will dismiss the idea that new year’s resolutions can be successfully upheld, there is value in setting meaningful goals for yourself.

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Michael Parker, Author, It’s Not What You Say: How to Sell Your Message When It Matters Most

In the days of ‘control and command,’ leaders could rely on positions of hierarchy that allowed them to indulge in communication that was essentially one way. This communication needed to be clear but it assumed an audience - a workforce - ready to take instruction and ‘follow the leader,’ because that was what you did to keep your job.

Is your organization stuck in the Engagement Paradox?

Time and again, we see that the more leaders try to manage engagement, the more disengaged their employees actually become.

So what causes this paradox?

It’s not that employees don’t want to be engaged; many are committed and loyal workers who come in early, stay late, and try hard in-between. But in today’s Era of Exhaustion, they are simply struggling to make it to the weekend. Employees are engaged, but they are also exhausted.



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