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Walt Disney started a fire in the entertainment world that continues to burn decades after his death. Perhaps no single figure so dominated American—and indeed, even global—popular culture as Walt Disney did. Each year, millions view a Disney movie, visit his theme parks, watch his television shows, listen to his recordings, buy his products, and read his books. He has held sway in much that has touched our lives, inspiring millions of people and affecting billions of dollars.

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Dr. Alan Zimmerman, Author, The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want out of Life and Work

As a leader, you've got to bring your people through one change after another. It's almost a part of your job description. And yet, you may have never received any training in how to do that.

Productive Team Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting and thought about how much more work you would get done if you were spending your time elsewhere? If so, then you have fallen victim to an unproductive meeting. We’ve all been there. But, as leaders we have the capability to shift team culture and activate the potential of our meetings so that they serve a stronger purpose.



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