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Many individuals want the prestige of being in Management, yet they lack the understanding that extra work and responsibility is part of the package.  The honest truth is that leaders always have to take on more work than others, and often must be prepared to sacrifice additional amounts of their time beyond the norm in order to maintain the workflow of their organizations.

A few weeks ago I was in Washington DC where I attended the National Small Business Association Washington Presentation. The sessions were focused on small business and you can read about them and the White House briefing at .

the ceo magazine, leadership
Jeremy Kingsley, President, OneLife Leadership

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and the USA has a win against Ghana, a tie against Portugal, and even with a loss to Germany, the team is advancing to the next round. Soccer is suddenly everywhere! Of course, in most of the world it’s always everywhere. In the US, it’s popularity has been growing now that a couple of generations of American kids have grown up learning soccer in rec leagues, and later playing or cheering for high school, college, and professional teams, the momentum is obvious.



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