As we navigate events in our personal and professional lives, we are always expending energy. We also have a finite amount of energy and, depending how we channel our energy, we either use our time (and energy) wisely or waste it. In order to explain how this occurs, we rely on the following 3 Mind Factors:

New year, new you. This idea, albeit cliché, is motivation for many individuals to reflect on their personal growth and what they’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. And while some will dismiss the idea that new year’s resolutions can be successfully upheld, there is value in setting meaningful goals for yourself.

No one sees a flower, really.  We haven’t time.

For to see a flower takes time,

like to have a friend takes time.  - Georgia O’Keefe 

The holidays are upon us.  The air is crisp; the few remaining leaves crackle.  As we dig out last year’s coats, we reach towards next year’s potential. 


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