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Michael Timms, Founder & Principal, Avail Leadership

When it comes to finding talented managers and executives, there really are only two options: recruit them or develop them from within.  Common thinking is that although it may be a little more expensive to recruit them, it’s worth it because it’s quicker and easier.  But that assumption is dead wrong.

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Steve Mezak, CEO, Accelerance

There’s been much press lately about how outsourcing software development is dead. The reason this line of thinking has taken hold is because the stereotypical outsourcing model no longer works – that is, hiring an army of cheap developers in far-off exotic lands that only have marginal technical and communication skills. This approach, long favored by number-crunching CFOs, has proven to be a nightmare for everyone else, as unmotivated and unskilled partners slow down work, fail to deliver on quality, and cost more in the end.

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As the Baby Boomers face retirement, the federal government faces the problem of replacing them. Government officials must address the consequences of a bad hire, just as corporate companies do, with one important exception. Firing a civil servant is nearly impossible.

That’s why decision makers are once again considering the use of tests, something that they abandoned thirty-four years ago, not because the civil service exam didn’t work but because it drew criticism.



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